I will no longer post on this blog. Instead I will be posting my stories and other information at my new website: http://remycenard.weebly.com/.

However I'll keep this blog up though it won't be updated.

 Hi! Welcome to my journal! This site is where I archived my stories from Mangahelpers to make things more organized. ^^  FYI, the stories posted on this journal are my "rough drafts", and the finalized versions will be "published" in PDF form.

 In case you're wondering about my username, Remy Cenard is going to be my pen name.

If you want to critique or review my stories, here are three simple rules:
  1. Be kind.
  2. Be helpful.
  3. Be specific. 

Anyway, enjoy!

Here are all of my stories that I've written or plan to write:

The Samaran Chronicles
These stories take place in the world of Samara

The Lashival Trilogy
The Ilmarians (Book 1)
Synopsis: Before the gods disappeared from Samara, they have bestowed upon a certain amount of people their powers and immortality. Throughout time, these people awakened to their gifts and learned how to use them so they can sustain the world. These people are known as the Ilmarians.

Table of Contents )

The Enigma (Book 2)
Synopsis: The Lashival has been reborn into the world of Samara. The Ilmarians are now determined to stop him before he awakens to his powers and destroys the world - and them. However, while others seek to kill him, some plans to use him. In order to gain advantage over their opponents, they are willing to use any means to get their ways.
Owain Tolbert is a member of the Bartheomos Tracker Division. One day, he and his team received a strange request; to find a certain man - and kill him. Meanwhile, a mysterious cult that promised eternal bliss has spread throughout the continents, causing chaos wherever they go. This same cult is also seeking something or someone and they won't rest until they get it. Nothing will stand in their way; not even Owain and his comrades.

Prologue: Another Death
Chapter 01: Homecoming
Chapter 02: A Proposition
Chapter 03: Visiting Adalynn 
Chapter 04: The Crazy Old Man
Chapter 05: Heading South
Chapter 06: A Sense of Strangeness
Chapter 07: Tristé
Chapter 09: Under Siege
Chapter 10: Escape
Chapter 11: Unsolicited Advice
Chapter 12: The Kallia Forest
Chapter 13: A Cup of Tea
Chapter 14: A Misunderstanding
Chapter 16: A Cure
Chapter 17: Respite
Chapter 18: Trouble in Ishara
Chapter 19: The Immortal King
Chapter 20: Revolt
Chapter 21: The Next Step
Chapter 22: The Loredan Desert
Chapter 23: That Person
Chapter 24: Ithani
Chapter 25: Dalenthi
Chapter 26: An Explanation
Chapter 27: Pursuit
Chapter 28: Sorrow and Joy
Epilogue: Conclusion

The Revelation (Book 3) 
Synopsis: TBA
Chapter 1: "Call me Priya"

The Sealed World Trilogy
TBA (Book 1)
Synopsis: TBA

Tarya (Book 1)
Synopsis: TBA

TBA (Collection of Short Stories)
Synopsis: Several stories revealing information about the original gods and goddesses of Samara.

Prologue: "Remember Your Promise"
Short Story: "The Time When Duermon and I Pulled a Prank"
Synopsis: TBA
Short Story: "Angel Teardrops"
Synopsis: The origin of the flower that honored Aerius's fallen lover.
Short Story: "A Friend of My Own"
Synopsis: TBA
Short Story: "The Caeculum War"
Synopsis: The story of how the war against the gods began and ended.
Historia (Collection of Short Stories)
Synopsis: Several short stories about the people of Samara.
Short Story: "The Maiden of Puria"
Synopsis: A priestess serving the goddess, Puria, reflected the time when she was almost kidnapped by a cult of a rival goddess.
Short Story: "TBA"
Synopsis: Passeck's time with the Ilmarians and how he became an renown commander of the Isharan army.
Short Story: "The Succession War"
Synopsis: Janaam's rise to become next Emperor of Idilarys and how his pregnant wife, Cissa, helped

The Yeshiva Series
The White Rose of Yeshiva
(Book 1)
Synopsis: Catarina Gretchlin was just a typical ten years old tomboy - enjoys playing with boys around her age and performing daredevil risks. However that changed when a group of men went to her house and claimed that she was the long lost daughter of King Melghan who ruled Yelshiva. Others believed that she's the daughter of King Peloria, who was rumored to be assassinated by his brother, the current ruler. Thus, she should be the rightful ruler to the throne. The problem is that both of them have daughters around the same age and who look similar to each other. With no way of knowing her true identity and both factions planning to use her for their own devices, how can Catarina know who to trust? (tentative summary) 

Prologue: Unraveling Plans
Chapter 1: Unexpected Visitors

Epilogue: Friends Turn Enemies 

The Marked Man of Yeshiva (Book 2)
Synopsis: TBA

Prologue: Six Years Later
Chapter 1: A Dinner Party
Chapter 2: A Second Chance

Novel: Tome of Medova
Synopsis: "There are two types of people in the world: those who can be saved, and those who can't. Guess which one I am."

Prologue: The Observor
Book I:
 Book of Dyssos
Cady I | Two Types of People
TBA | Baptism by Fire

Book II:
 Book of Lifyceam
Briam I | The Exalted One

Short Story: A World Beyond Redemption (Tentative Title)
Synopsis: A serial killer is terrorizing a city, which is already full of decay and filth. In spite of the police's effort in capturing this criminal, he or she remains elusive or rather discrepancies in the evidence make sociopath's identity difficult to determine. For how can they catch a killer who seems to change his or her identity?

Short Story: Midnight Masquerade
Synopsis: A young woman named Matilda (otherwise known by her nickname "Mattie") is invited to attend a masquerade hosted by the mysterious Balthazar Gaines.

Novella: Remnant: Part 1 | Part 2
Synopsis: An Aldair (human with beast-like qualities) clan searches for a new home amidst dangers.

Short Story: Vibrant Autumn
Synopsis: Some children explore the woods with their grandfather and the narrator
Only the major characters will have complete profiles while the minor ones will just have a brief description. Minor character profiles will be posted under the chapter where they are first introduced.

The pictures are from this site, and they are as close as how I imagine the characters to look like.

Warning: Some will contain spoilers so beware!

The Maiden of Puria )

The Ilmarians )

The Enigma )

This post contains geographic information about the world of Samara.

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This entry focuses on historic events, terms, and significant locations that occurred in Samara.


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Author's Note: For pronunciation, please go HERE.

“Ilek! Ilek, wake up!”

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